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boy, september flew by!

My dad and his girlfriend visited during Labor Day weekend!
We showed them some of our favorite parts of Portland in a very short amount of time.
(I can't wait to see my mom & her boyfriend out here in just three weeks!)

The first day of school was September 2nd & it's been a whirlwind!
Teaching out here has been pretty much nothing like my experiences in Florida,
so I feel like a first year teacher again, but it's keeping everything so exciting!
I can't believe the first month of the school year is already over!

One of my favorite things is actually being able to ride my bike to work!
It's only 6 miles roundtrip & the commute is really pretty. Lots of lovely trees & cute houses :]
The weather's been beautiful, but I bought some rain gear for when it gets drizzly!

Burton & I took a weekend trip to Lincoln City to visit my aunt & uncle.
The Oregon coast is so breathtaking (& also a great place to fly a kite!)

In keeping up with my 2014 goals, I finally started learning how to crochet!
& I'm nearly done with my first scarf :]

We did some more hiking in Forest Park where we found the tallest fir tree in the park,
& a stone house built during the Depression. It was a bathroom for construction workers!

We celebrated Burton's 28th birthday with an incredible view from a rooftop dinner,
some massages, and a spectacular Ben Folds concert (accompanied by the Oregon Symphony)!
Of course, there were treats & libations throughout the weekend ;]

We're ready for you, October!


 I just LOVE watercolor tattoos!


I got my two tattoos when I was 18 & honestly, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into them. So since my mom & I started talking a while back about getting tattoos together, I've kind of fallen in love with them again! I'm meeting with the super-talented Ashton Allen on Monday, to discuss the tattoo my mom & I will get when she visits in October! Eeeek, so exciting!! I'm hoping Ashton will become my go-to girl for the couple other tattoo ideas I have in mind for the future ;] You can see other tattoo ideas that have been going through my brain on my Pinterest board. There are just so many pretty tattoo possibilities that it can be quite overwhelming!

living in 350 square feet!

Welcome to our home! Out in Portland, we've downsized to a 1-bedroom apartment in the Irvington
district. It's only 350ish square feet, but it doesn't feel like it's too small for what we need.
Actually, Burton & I both agree that this is our favorite rental we've ever had :]

Tiny spaces are fun because they force you to get clever with storage.
I honestly don't think we could've done a better job with the space.

Here's the living room leading into the galley-style kitchen.

We opted for a projector & screen instead of a TV. It is AWESOME.

We even have stuff stored underneath the couch!

Myla's favorite spot :]

Tiny kitchen!

Stephen Colbert approves of our cooking.

Kitchen leading into the bedroom. Bathroom & washer/dryer on the left.

We lovelovelove our bedframe & headboard!
There is crazy amounts of storage in those drawers & cubbies.
We even have our giant wireless printer in one of those drawers!

Our little succulent garden!

My "princess" mirror behind the door & next to the closet.

Our gallery wall! This is what happens when you have a ton of artwork & very little wall space.

The bathroom! Those vinyl raindrops are probably my favorite addition to our home :]

The end! Thanks for visiting :]

life in portland, oregon!

Burton & I started calling Portland home on June 13th

 and we're falling more in love with this city every day!

 There are so many fun things to do outdoors!

There are so many beautiful places to hike!

 There are so many parks to hang out in!

 This is Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country (over 8 miles!)

 This is Mill Ends Park, the smallest park in the world (2ft. in diameter!)

There are so many gorgeous swimming holes!

There are so many beautiful waterfalls!

This one, Ramona Falls, is our favorite so far :]

There are so many beer festivals & breweries!

Even the food is better out here. Seriously can't stop eating!

The people here are awesome.

and we can tell Myla loves being an Oregonian too!

Burton's mom even visited from Japan & spent a few weeks with us!
We're secretly hoping it's the beginning of our family eventually following us out here ;]

Because Oregon is so wonderful.
And Burton & I finally feel like we're home :]